We are a non-profit “missionary couple.” We rely on donations from friends, families and folk like you. Your gift helps our mission to bring the hope and grace of Jesus to Kakata, Liberia. 
We are thankful.

Caleb -  I became an ICU/ER Registered Nurse 20 years ago. After working as a nurse for twelve years, I started teaching nurses in a trade school and a college in Virginia. When God laid missions on my heart a few years ago, I knew that I may have to use my career in the service of God. I thought I was going to have to build a clinic to help those I was going to minister the good news of God’s grace to.

A few weeks before our departure to Liberia, a fellow Liberian, who resides in Canada, saw me on Facebook and began telling me about his spiritual mother who has a heart for Liberia. She is a Canadian lady. He connected me with her. We exchange numbers and began talking on the phone. When she heard about our calling to serve in Kakata, Liberia, she connected us with Dr. Hena, who already has a clinic in Kakata.

I work two days a week at the Healthy Women Healthy Liberia clinic. I evaluate and treat patients who come into the clinic with medical needs. Occasionally, I get the chance to preach the good news of the grace of God to patients. Majority of the patients we see are already Christians. The clinic is open to people  of all faiths. 

I am also part of the team that screen patients when groups of doctors come to the clinic to do surgery. 


Healthy Women Healthy Liberia Clinic

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Monika -  Caleb and I came to  Liberia in 2015 for a visit. While we  were there, I only saw one eye clinic, which was located in Monrovia. As we felt the call to go on the mission field, we thought we would open a clinic.  God had other plans! 
Through a few Divine connections, we were introduced to Dr.  Hena, who runs a clinic in Kakata called Healthy Woman/Healthy Liberia. She was praying for staff to help her and we wanted to build a clinic.  She had an eye room already built,but no one to see patients.

Upon our arrival to Liberia in October 2017, we met with Dr. Hena and started volunteering 3 days after landing.  The clinic is located in Kakata within walking distance of where our house was to be built!  In the beginning we were working 5 days a week. My small supply of eye equipment was in a container being shipped, so I volunteered in the Triage Dept.

When my traveling eye equipment arrived, I started seeing patients. At first I was only able to measure patients for glasses and exam their eyes with a penlight.  I have since obtained a slit-lamp, keretometer and two eye charts.  I have cut down to volunteering two days a week since we are on the radio 5 days a week.
The eye clinic is very busy on Mondays and fills a need in Kakata.  There is an Ophthalmologist that comes to Kakata on Fridays, who I refer patients to that are more involving.

I have gone to schools to do eye screening with two of the community healthcare workers. I have also screened hundreds of patients for the free cataract surgery provide by 'Hands of Hope'. They come every March for surgical/medical outreach.
I am blessed to share my 28 years of experience as an ophthalmic technician with the people of Kakata. The patients are so grateful when I can measure and fit them for glasses.  We have an on-going GLASSES DRIVE with churches and communities.  There are no optical shops in Kakata, so the donations of new and used glasses are a real blessing.  If you, your church, or organization wants to donate glasses, please contact us!

In November 7, 2018, a 13-year old autistic child call Korpu, was hit by a car  

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Team from New Hope Christian Church working on the well