The night we heard of her ordeal, we went to her house and prayed for her. Her head, torso and hips were bleeding badly. Her right upper arm was broken. No one could tell the extent of her internal injuries because no x-ray was done.

We gave some money for medications and food to help the parents. A month later, she was still alive but her massive wounds were badly infected. Monika decided to take her to the Healthy Women Health Liberia clinic where we normally do volunteer work.  

Korpu at home with her dad and Monika

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When she arrived at the clinic, the first wound dressings took about 3 hours. Every 2 days, her wounds were cleansed and dressed. She was put on multiple IV antibiotics. We took turns to do 8 hour shifts to make sure she was getting 24-hr care. The clinic normally opens from 8 AM to 5 PM daily. But for Korpu’s sake, the clinic was open 24 hours a day for a period of one month.

Treating Korpu at the clinic

Korpu's severe injuries

After 30 days, her condition improved markedly. We did physical therapy on her and helped her learn to walk again.  

In November 7, 2018, a 13-year old autistic child called Korpu, was hit by a car around 3 am. She had left her father’s house and began to wander on the highway, probably, around 11 pm that night. Her family did not realize that she had wandered away from the house.  

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Korpu's Story

Korpu learning to walk again

Bringing Korpu home again


She is back home with her family and can walk on her own. We give the praise to God through our Eternal Savior, Jesus Christ, for helping Korpu and her family.

The individual and vehicle that hit Korpu was never found.  

Caleb helping Korpu learn to walk again

Her injuries were so gruesome and had bled so much that the government hospital refused to admit her. They did not even offer basic wound care. They said that her condition was beyond what they could handle. So, she was referred to a bigger government hospital located in the capital city. Since they were told that she will not likely survive, her parents did not want to spend money on her if she was going to die anyway. Because she is autistic, the family did not believe she could be of any value to them or society if she was to survive. This is what her father told us. So, they took her home.